Sunshine Cinema is a mobile cinema that converts solar power into social impact.

Through screening various types of dynamic educational, interactive content, & media training workshops, we address social and environmental challenges through community partnerships. Since 2013 we have screened to over 8000 direct audience members across Southern Africa.

Empowering people to do it themselves

Reduce your carbon footprint

Sunshine Cinema's educational workshops

Content that focuses on social issues

Here's what we did for the International Aids Conference 2016

Sunshine Cinema leveraged film to promote AIDS Awareness during International Aids Conference 2016 focusing on local voices of HIV/AIDS Activists.

In July 2016 the solar powered mobile cinema hosted a series of free screenings in various locations across Durban. The screenings included extracts from the documentary, Nothing Without Us directed by Harriet Hirshornwhich focuses on the role of women in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

The screenings also included a series of short films produced by our in house production company Makhulu for IAS Youth Voices, an advocacy initiative of the International AIDS Society (IAS) in partnership with the Children’s Radio Foundation, to enable young people in sub-Saharan Africa to actively shape HIV programmes and investment priorities that respond to their specific needs. As part of the interactive experience at the screenings, there were panel discussions with global and local change-makers. At the Umlazi and KwaMashu

screenings aimed at high school students, there were theatre performances from the local youth group Yamanje that is part of a Theatre4Youth program at Assitej SA. During the roadshow Sunshine Cinema ran an apprenticeship program with students from the KwaMashu arts centre, K-Kap, producing a film about a local community activist from Cato Manor – Lizzie Mkhizwe: who runs a sexual health support centre from her backyard.

There are many ways in which we can work with you


Brands can help offset their carbon footprint by commissioning Sunshine Cinema to green any screen at any event in any location. From fashion shows to product expos and from private functions to festivals, we will your showcase all your branded content in an environmentally friendly way. A substantial portion of the funds we generate from our #GreenScreenings is funnelled into our mobile cinema which turns solar energy into social impact.

Using our GreenYourScreen service is a great way to fullfill your Corporate Social Responsibility Mandate while simultaneously doing your bit for the environment. It’s a win/win for all involved. Your brand can quickly green up any of your own media content at a branded event or promotion with zero hassle. Or you can take things a step further and brief us to create and curate socially conscious content on your behalf. Whatever your specific needs, we will tailor a package that suits your requirements and your budget.

Please note that we can green any existing screen in any location by bringing in our store of powerful solar batteries (that arrive charged up and ready to go). Or we can bring in our full mobile Sunshine Cinema setup. Either way your brand will have full creative control of the content that is screened. Just think of us as your partner in efficient, solar powered screenings.


Sunshine Cinema isn’t just a mobile movie theater. We are an ethically-minded media company that produces films with a meaningful message. To do this we partner with socially and environmentally conscious individuals and organisations to create compelling content that changes lives for the better. These films range from practical ‘how to’ demo videos that teach viewers valuable and practical life skills through to documentaries on a wide variety of socially relevant subjects. We then take these carefully curated stories into the heart of the communities that need to see them most. That’s where our fully-kitted out mobile solar powered Sunshine Cinema’ comes into play. Our ‘sun bus’ allows us to create a communal cinema experience in places that don’t often have access to film media of any kind. From peri-urban areas to rural villages and everywhere in-between, we turn solar energy into social impact, one cinema screening at a time. These experiences include dynamic and empowering post-cinema workshops and audience outreach programs that are intended to educate, uplift and inspire. We like to think that we spread a little sunshine wherever we go.


Get The Box That Rocks

Sunshine Cinema wants to spread sunshine far and wide and so we created the Sunbox, which we sell to interested parties and individuals across Africa. We are also always looking to expand our network of Sunbox Ambassadors. These are passionate people who we give a Sunbox to so that they can host their own Sunshine Cinema screening.

The Sunbox is a mini solar-powered cinema that includes:

a solar panel and battery
full instruction kit
bright yellow hard case

The complete Sunbox package enables users to turn any laptop or mobile phone into an instant communal media hub that is powered by the sun. The benefits of the Sunbox are numerous:

It’s light
It’s simple to use
It’s green
It can be used anywhere
It’s sturdy
It’s fun
It’s a powerful tool for good


We are proud South African pioneers in the field of Virtual Reality (VR). We create cutting-edge VR content and we can also showcase these films at any Sunshine Cinema event inside our custom-built ‘Sun Room’. This fully immersive filmic experience has the power to transform the way people learn, grow and impact the world around them.

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